This course centers its efforts on the design process for steam turbine rotors. Both high and low temperature applications together with design requirements will be reviewed.
Portable Clamp-on Flow Meters can be quickly used in the field for calibration or finding leaks in a system. The presentation will cover the basic theory of Transit Time Clamp-On Ultrasonic Meters and the application of the technology.
This 4-hour course is designed for power plant personnel, insurers, designers, asset managers and other industry professionals responsible for turbine generator equipment. The online training consists of two 2-hour webinar sessions and a course handout.
Leading marketers are leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) best-practices to help them drive prospects to their website and help grow their business or organization. Learn more with Dan Konstantinovsky, an experienced marketing professional.
This two-part four-hour webinar series is designed for power plant and other industry professionals responsible for water discharge technology at combined-cycle and coal-fired power plants.
Download today for a fascinating look inside of the world's earliest warning hot-spot detector, and its further emerging service in power plants world-wide.
A two-part webinar series for electric power industry personnel including power plant and other industry professionals responsible for the design and maintenance of high energy piping systems.
This 6-hour course is designed for power plant and other industry professionals responsible for outage season planning at power-generation plants. The download consists of three 2-hour webinar recordings (MP4) and the course handout (PDF).
This free one-hour webinar will teach you how to evaluate clamp-on ultrasonic meters and other instrumentation and controls. Sponsored by FLEXIM AMERICAS. The download includes a recording of the webinar (MP4) and handouts (PDF).
This free one-hour webinar discusses preventive maintenance practices for BOP heat exchangers. It is led by Mike Catapano and Eric Svensson of Powerfect, and sponsored by Goodway.
This 12-hour webinar series is designed for power plant and other industry professionals responsible for power generation facility maintenance. Each of the three courses consists of two 2-hour webinars. Each course may be purchased separately below.
This webinar, recorded in April 2015, features a $3.4 million biomass Combined Heat and Power district energy system in Sullivan County, N.H. Sponsored by Hurst Boiler. Includes a recording of the live webinar (MP4) and the presentation slides (PDF).
Learn about Hurst's new web-based CAD download solution that makes it easy to search and select the right boiler online. This free webinar was recorded in May 2015. Download includes the recorded webinar (MP4) and slides (PDF).
Join Brad Buecker and Ray Post, PE, as they discuss cooling tower fundamentals during this April 2015 Energy-Tech University 4-hour course. PDH credit certificate available with purchase.
Learn more about important issues in condenser operation during this Dec. 2014 webinar with Energy-Tech, sponsored by Am-Ex Services Inc. and Intek Inc.
Learn more about the characteristics and components in this Energy-Tech two-hour webinar, recorder in October 2014. Rebuild an ANSI End Suction Pumps, with Tom Davis.
Refresh your knowledge about hydrogen auxiliary systems in this one-hour webinar with E/One Utility System's Steve Kilmartin, originally presented in October 2014.
Learn about developing and implementing an effective PGAM program in this September 2014 Energy-Tech University Webinar, with Komandur Sunder Raj.
Learn about electric process heating, on-demand fuel switching and fuel conditioning options with Gaumer Process.
This is the download page for the six-hour online course "Advanced Turbine Troubleshooting and Failure Prevention" presented by Steve Reid of TG Advisers and Energy-Tech magazine in 2015.
Learn more about hybrid systems for gas turbine inlet cooling and how it can increase efficiency in this Energy-Tech webinar, originally presented in June 2014. Sponsored by PW Power Systems.
Learn more about level control for feedwater heaters in this Energy-Tech webinar.
Learn more about makeup water treatment selection and wastewater discharge issues, and how they can affect water treatment system design.
Download this 1-hour webinar, Performance & Reliability Improvement of Power Generating Assets, originally recorded in December 2013. Sponsored by Generac.
Download this 1-hour webinar, Condenser Retrofits: Upgrading Condensers without Adding Tubes or Changing Tube Material, originally recorded in November 2013. Sponsored by Intek.
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