Feedwater heater level control Webinar

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One of the most common causes of tube failures in a feedwater heater (FWH), and a resulting source of additional operational and maintenance costs that typically lead to ultimate premature replacement is the improper control of the internal liquid level.

These problems are not new; they have been experienced by many utility plants throughout the industry during the last 50 years. However in many cases, the resulting damaging phenomenon has seldom been totally understood, and the loss of corporate knowledge and failure of some utilities to identify and rectify level control problems continues to bring this issue to the forefront of root causes of FWH operational failures.

The webinar will provide a complete understanding of these problems and will offer responsible utility system and component engineers the necessary understanding and methods to be able to detect, minimize and hopefully avoid similar problems in their own systems. It will be conducted by Mike Catapano and Eric Svensson of Powerfect Inc.

This two-hour webinar was recorded in April 2014.

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