Feedwater Heater Troubleshooting Webinar

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Download this 1-hour webinar - Feedwater Heater Troubleshooting and Failure Cause Analysis, originally recorded in July 2012.

Feedwater Heaters are subject to many different problems and various failure mechanisms. This webinar will explain the significance of unexplained variances in TTD and DCA, show the importance of determining the location of tube failures, and then explain potential common root causes for the propensity of tube failures within the different zones of the Feedwater Heater. Personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of Feedwater Heaters will find the webinar informative and offer case studies of actual heater failure mechanisms that could result in significant performance problems or reduced availability. Determining the root cause of heater failures is imperative in order to mitigate future failure potential, as well as to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated when specifying a replacement FWH.

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